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‘Through these lenses’ is a page based around the life and adventures of my son, Logan.


Logan is our first child, born on 29th June 2012 by emergency c section to parents, Aneliese and Dave.

At 4 months old Logan was diagnosed with bilateral cataracts and posterior lenticonus and is now a healthy happy 19 month aphakia child with a +21 prescription.

We are in the middle of the long process of getting a diagnoses for Logan and his eyesight doesn’t seem to be improving – not that it stands in his way! The battle with cataracts is a life long journey, and we are fully aware that anything can happen, but for now we are rocking the glasses/patches and life is an interesting ride. Logan is just like any other toddler and although his vision isn’t great on paper – in reality he copes just like anyone else.

Following on from a recent media frenzy around a post I made on Tesco Facebook page (which became completely out of control) I received so many messages from parents all around the world who have children just like Logan, parents who were offering support and parents who were looking for some advice.

By creating ‘Through these lenses’ I hope to create a space where information, experiences and advice can be shared. I wanted to offer these families somewhere information can be shared regarding our rare and special children.

This page will not solely be about his journey with cataracts and an increasing prescription. It will be about anything (remotely interesting) Logan related; from treatment, diagnosis – to walks in the park and discovering the world.

I hope you find this useful.